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Pastel Inspirations

Dallas and Fort Davis

woman joni powers in denim jacket

Joni Grace Powers  photo by Carolyn Nored Miller

Joni Grace Powers hails from a family long connected to the high desert of far west Texas. The big sky, expansive views and dramatic colors make up her soul’s homeplace. Joni travels the world for work and pleasure, but the sweeping Southwest region and her beloved Davis Mountains always call her home.


Joni came to painting through her work in photography. She shoots primarily macro photos, getting up close and personal with her subjects. Landscape photography lets her commune with nature while practicing the art of creating. She appreciates the magic of changing light and the challenge of the ever-present wind, and many of her pastels reflect this connection.

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Painting seemed a natural extension from Joni's photography. Pastel affords the same closeness of feeling she receives with macro photography: getting close to the paper, feeling the color through her fingers, capturing the light’s magic. For some unknown reason, Joni often favors square as the favorite shape for a photo or painting. Who knows why? She comes later in life to painting and enjoys the creative tension as she explores the possibilities of the medium.


Blurred backgrounds – yummy bokeh, as Joni likes to say from photography-speak – show off a central figure of beauty in many of Joni’s works. You first encounter a dramatic subject, then begin to wonder what is happening in what you cannot clearly see. Her cloud paintings pull your eyes upward into color and movement. Joni always says, “It is almost impossible to have too much color!”


You will find Joni ending a perfect day with a glass of a big, bold red wine, some dark chocolate and new images in her camera just waiting to be chosen for painting.

Joni Powers pastels on wall
Joni Grace Powers Collection
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