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Sunset in Big Bend National Park

original 30" x 24" soft pastel

© Texas artist Lindy Cook Severns 


custom, conservation framed

this pastel is on acid-free board measuring 30" x 24"

under non-reflective museum glass


outer dimensions 38" x 32"  framed 

click thru the images to see the painting framed and hanging





Shipping is not included in the purchase price. You will be contacted about shipping details.


SKU: SundanceSevOr
  • When the sun drenches the desert of Big Bend National Park in the sparkling color of gemstones, the rugged landscape becomes a tapestry of rich velvet. This time of decking out in rubies is fleeting, a waltz with the sun that the ends all too soon.
    In painting this landscape, I had to constantly remind myself that the scattered glimmers of light tell this story. It's difficult to work in the dark mid-tones for so much of a painting, but that is exactly where this story lies.