Fused and Blown Glass

Lubbock, Texas

red blown glass vase vickie bunting




Lubbock artisan Vickie Bunting graduated from Texas Tech University in 1976 with a degree in Secondary Education, then she taught English for Lubbock ISD the next three decades. In 1978, the artist/educator received a Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis on film, glassblowing and education.


The (now-retired) teacher devoted her summers to glassmaking. VB Glass is intricately irregular, color-rich and free formed. "Often the glass pieces are spontaneous, even accidental. I like experimenting with the layering and twisting of colors by using frits, powders, stringers, diachronic pieces and color wraps. No two pieces are ever alike."

blown glass bowls by vickie bunting on table

Feel free to contact the Ft Davis gallery to confirm the availability of any Vickie Bunting glass shown here.

blown glass bowls by vickie bunting and art

"I began glassblowing in the summer of 1984 at Texas Tech in Junction, Texas. It became a challenge, and I was fascinated by it. I like the fact that glassblowing is a collaborative art form where I work with one or more artists which makes the interaction of others important to the piece."