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oil on canvas

© Ricardo Robles



framed (scroll to see frame)

wired & ready to hang

outer dimensions:  18" x 15" x 2"

image size 14" x 11"


Shipping is not included in the purchase price. You will be contacted about shipping details.

A Mother's Love, oil

SKU: RRoblesAMomsLove
  • Wolves are negatively portrayed as violent animals, and that portrayal has led to their death and possible extinction here in the U.S. I wanted to the catch other side that we do not see, where a mother is caring for her pup. It was a tug-push battle with the colors to make them all work in harmony but the soft glows of the sun rays accentuate the overall feeling of this painting.

    As in all my oils, a final varnish adds a rich patina to this artwork.

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