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Old Spanish Trail Gallery at Crow's Nest Ranch

a Davis Mts Gallery 16 miles SW of Fort Davis, Texas

Sign for Old Spanish Trail Gallery & Museum

Old Spanish Trail Gallery & Museum is nestled in the Texas mountains on the historic trade route between El Paso and San Antonio. The Davis Mts gallery sits at 6,000 feet above sea level. This unique, elegant Ft. Davis gallery is hidden away on an all-vehicle ranch road one mile off the Davis Mountains Scenic Loop, Hwy 166 southwest of Fort Davis. 


Travel that one mile, and nature surrounds you. Allow yourself time to linger, to visit with our knowledgeable gallery people. Take time to savor the this western frontier as you enjoy fine southwest art by nationally recognized artists and talented locals. Historic Fort Davis is the nearest town, but Crows Nest Ranch is also an easy drive from Marfa, Alpine, Marathon, Valentine, and a little bit farther from Terlingua and Big Bend National Park.  Bring your camera!



Open at Your Convenience

TEXT: (432) 249-1968
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Davis Mts Gallery
Old Spanish Trail Gallery 
and Museum, LLC
401 Crow's Nest Road
PO Box 555
Fort Davis, Texas 79734
Directions to Old Spanish Trail Gallery and Museum
20-25 minutes driving time

Start at the Fort Davis Courthouse on the SW edge of town:

Instead of turning toward Alpine, veer Right onto Hwy 17, the road to Marfa.

In 2 miles turn Right onto Hwy 166 (marked "to Valentine")

Passing Bloys Campground:

In about 16 miles, you'll pass many metal buildings. Watch on your Left for the historical marker for Bloys Campmeeting.

A mile past the marker and on the opposite side of the road is a metal sign "Old Spanish Trail Gallery and Museum , Crows Nest Ranch". Turn Right onto the unpaved Crows Nest ranch road. (This is an all-weather road, fine for all vehicles. Just go slow!)

Continue up this main road about a mile. Keep heading toward the mountain of red cliffs with towers on top. (That's a Verizon tower, and also Marfa Public Radio.) You'll go about a mile without making any big turns off this main road.

You'll cross a couple of cattle guards and see a rusted water tank on your right. Continue straight up the road a very short distance and you'll see picnic tables on your Left, then a small complex of buildings ahead. 


Turn Left past the picnic area,  just before you reach the old buildings. That brings you to the front door of Old Spanish Trail Gallery and Museum, a large, much newer structure surrounded by deep porches.

Your Verizon mobile phone should have service all the way from Fort Davis. Other carriers might give you sporadic service. 

Coming from Indian Lodge? Allow 35 minutes.

from MARFA
40 minutes driving time

Go North on Hwy 17 toward Fort Davis for about 20 miles, til the hwy splits. Veer left onto HWY 166 marked "to Valentine"

Follow the directions from Fort Davis starting with "Passing Bloys Campground"...

1 hr 15 minutes driving time

Take Hwy 90 to Alpine, then118 N to Fort Davis.

Follow the directions from Fort Davis. 

40-45 minutes driving time

Take Hwy 118 N  toward Fort Davis.


Follow the directions from Fort Davis. 

1 hr 40 minutes driving time

Take Hwy 118 N to Alpine, then on to Fort Davis.

Follow the directions from Fort Davis. 

wooden sign Old Spanish Trail Gallery and Museum
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