Western Bronze Sculpture

Keenan, Oklahoma

PORTRAIT OF A MARE  currently on order   $1500 

The cowboy artist, who now sculpts full time, is predominately self-taught.  Notable exceptions include having enjoyed  the honor of studying under great artists: Mehl Lawson, Randal Dutra, Sandy Scott, John Coleman, Paul Moore and Gerald Balciar. Each artist shared things that furthered Stephen's knowledge and skills. 

Stephen Jones


Stephen and his wife, Kathy, live in the historical community of Keenan, Oklahoma, located on the family ranch.

Thirty years spent in commercial art as an illustrator and graphics designer continually developed the strong drafting skills this western artist displays today in his sculpture. More surprising, Stephen spent a decade of those years working as a successful fashion designer. 


No matter the type art Jones was creating, he constantly honed his talents as a sculptor. He credits Hollis Williford and Edward Fraughton for invaluable encouragement, guidance, and support as he pursued his passion for sculpting. Ultimately, he developed his strong current his style and technique.

Jones is a working ranch cowboy with proud Cheyenne heritage and  a strong knowledge of today’s American West.. His authentic western background is readily apparent in his sculpture.

 “I love what I do, " Jones explains, "and the subjects I study and create, and I want my work to expose this.”

At Old Spanish Trail Gallery and Museum, we believe it does just that.

Stephen Jones's artwork has a place in private collections across America and Canada.

Feel free to contact the Ft Davis gallery to confirm the availability of any Stephen Jones art shown here.

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