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Emerging Artist

Fort Worth, Texas

Pink and white ilies in vase oil painting by Nicole Miller Saffery

 STILL LIFE  30" x 30" oil on canvas © Nicole Miller Saffery  $1250  more...

nicole miller saffery graduate in cap and gown texas tech university



Old Spanish Trail Gallery and Museum proudly introduces artist Nicole Miller, a young painter who documents the beauty of the world around her in bright, saturated color.

"My art reflects common themes such as beauty, memory, dreams, repetition, the sublime, and the human psyche. I often represent these themes through depictions of landscapes, figures, and abstractions found in nature." 

Nicole Miller Saffery graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Art History and  minors in Painting and Public Relations (2016). The honor student interned at the Kimball Museum in Fort Worth and currently teaches in the metroplex. Old Spanish Trail Gallery is proud to be the first fine art gallery to represent Nicole, our first young emerging artist.


"For me, art is about experiencing and understanding the world in a new and profound way. Through the creation of each piece, I aspire to learn more about humanity, the world, and myself. I hope I offer viewers the same experience.

I focus on recording a single fleeting moment in time, so that it may never disappear from existence. Hoperfully, my subject matter commands viewer participation, inviting the viewer to discover something new about himself or the world. Art has always been one of my passions and in school, I began to enjoy the history and social implications of it as well. My dream has always been to be the curator of a prestigious museum or to own my own gallery (with my own work, of course!)"

Our Davis Mts gallery sold Nicole's first large gallery painting on her wedding day. Seems like a good start to the career of this talented emerging artist's dreams.

Learn more about any of these Nicole Miller Saffery oil paintings in our online store, or contact us with your questions about this amazing, highly affordable original art by the talented young Texas painter.

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