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Boquillas Glow

14" x10" watercolor landscape painting

en plein air

© Tim Oliver




matted in white and custom framed under glass with a classic dark wood molding 

framed outer dimensions: 23" x 26"


Shipping is not included in the purchase price. You will be contacted about shipping details.

Boquillas Glow original watercolor

SKU: BoquillasGLFrOrTO
  • I painted “Boquillas Glow” en plein air on a recent visit to Big Bend. Working en plein air is a real challenge at times. This was the case this morning down by the river at Boquillas Canyon. The shadows on the canyon walls were moving ten times faster that I could paint. I caught them as quickly as I could.


    At one point during the four-hour session, I decided that this painting was going to be as much about the sunlit glow down the canyon as it was about the towering canyon walls and the incredible cast shadows. What an awesome place!

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