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Breaking the Drought

10" x 21" pastel landscape painting

en plein air

© Lindy Cook Severns



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custom, conservation framed

under museum glass

framed outer dimensions: 14" x 25" x 1"

Breaking the Drought original pastel

SKU: BreakDroughFRORLS
  • This is part of the expansive southwestern landscape we see each day. When thunderheads began building above our home one spring afternoon in the Davis Mountains of Far West Texas, I scampered to set up my easel.

    Painting in plein air -- on location-- means rapidly deciding what you want to express, then sticking to that original inspiration as the light changes. Three hours is about the max time you have for a painting session. Since I can't paint all the detail I enjoy putting into my landscapes in such limited time, in this plein air pastel, I focused on getting the energy of the clouds down, and also on capturing the glow of light soaking the ranch's parched grass. I didn't even get my three hour