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Terlingua Dry

12" x 16" pastel landscape painting

© Dina Gregory




framed under non-reflective museum glass

framed outer dimensions: 18" x 22"


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Terlingua Dry pastel

SKU: TerlinDryFrORDG
  • I saw this scene while hiking behind my turquoise cabin in Terlingua. I needed to get closer for my perfect view but still be up high. I found a path to that perfect spot and set up my easel at 4:00pm and painted a couple of hours. The strong light on the distant wall was my focal point.


    Usually, the focal point of the scene I choose to paint in any painting, is what has drawn me to paint that scene in the first place. I knew that I wanted a couple more hours to finish this one. I got lucky with the weather, atmosphere and sun being the exact same the following day at 4:00.


    So, for 2 days this spot at 4:00pm was my outdoor “office”. I just love it when that happens! Like I tell my students, keep your camera and painting supplies in your car at all times because you never know when that “magic” scene will show up.

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